Péter Ertl

Péter ErtlI graduated from the National Ballet Institute’s folk dance art specialization in 1987. I was not only intrested in pure folk dance but also in other ways of perform different kind of dance genres. Honvéd dance group worked together with Győri Ballett several times, so I became member of the dance group and I had a 20-year-long dance career there. As a professional dancer I had the opportunity to try out myself in different type of dances. For me the most valuable period was the second decade in the dance group. At that period of time Honvéd dance group had the opportunity to perform in Europe’s largest theaters and well-known institutes, participated in famous festivals.

Dance career is very short. Just a few artist have the chance for a 25-year-long carreer, so I knew that I have to move on. In the 90’s I applied the Dance Academy’s Master Degree, where I obtained. My specialization was Classical Ballet and Folk Dance. Meanwhile I took part of the establishment of the Canadian Niagara Falls’ Cifra children camp. Between 1992 and 2011 I was the Art professional leader of the camp. In the past tweo decades many Canadian children had the chance to get to know better the values of the Hungarian folk art. In 1998 and 2004 I organized dance sessions in Australia.

Later in the early 2000’s I went to Science University of Pécs. I took part in an adult training session, where my study field was cultural organization. In 2001 I earned Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic. In 2006 I became contributor of the National Dance Theater. First, I worked at the Art Management department, later I was appointed Deputy Director. Since 2013 January I’m the Director of the National Dance Theater. I created choreographies, but not the creator part is my main profile. I am an artist, organizor and teacher as well. Although as a director I am very busy but I am still having classes because I belive in teaching dance.

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