Hungarian Táncház in North-America

Excerpt from the nomination material prepared and submitted by Hungary in 2010 for inscription of the Táncház Method on the UNESCO Register of Best Safeguarding Practices of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Since the 1980’s dancehouses and camps using the dancehouse-method have been organised in North America. The participants’ constitution is various. Mainly Hungarian immigrants are taking part, although americans and other nationalities being interested in heritage can be found among them. Several independent dancegroups and bands are representing the hungarian culture to the american public. In the following the most important communities and institutions will be listed.


Places of regular táncház-events:

  • USA: San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, Detroit, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, New Brunswick, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Seattle, San Diego
  • Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

Summer camps: 

  • Hungarian Folkdance and Folk Music Symposium (Enon Valley, Pennsylvania) 1978–2002
  • Barátság Tábor (Mendocino Woodlands, California) 1982–2001 (
  • Aranykapu Tábor (Russian River Valley, California) 2002–2005
  • Ti Ti Tábor Hungarian Music and Dance Camp (Raft Island, Washington) 1992-present
  • Cifra Tábor Hungarian Dance Camp (Niagara Falls, Ontario) 1990s-present
  • North American Hungarian Festival (Montreal, Québec) 2002-present
  • Csipke Tábor Folkdance and Folkmusic Camp (Sauk Valley, Michigan) 2007-present

Community-Based Performing Ensembles:

  • USA: Árpádhon (Luisiana, LA), New York (New York, NY), Passaic (New Jersey, NJ), New Brunswick (New Jersey, NJ), Cleveland (Ohio, OH), Toledo (Ohio, OH), Detroit (Mitchigan, MI), Chicago (Ilinois, IL), Buffalo (New York, NY), Rochester (New York, NY), Los Angeles (California, CA), San Francisco (California, CA), Seattle (Washington, WA), Tucson (Arizona, AZ), Spokane (Washington, WA), San Diego (California, CA)
  • Canada: Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Québec, Western Canada.


  • Bartók Dancers, Niagara Falls, NY
  • Betyárok Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA
  • Bokréta Emsemble, Montreal, Quebec
  • Csipke Ensemble, Detroit, MI
  • Csürdöngölő Ensemble, N. Brunswick, NJ
  • Erdély Ensemble, Spokane, WA
  • Eszterlánc Ensemble, San Francisco, CA
  • Gyöngyösbokréta, Montreal, Quebec
  • Hungaria Dancers, Detroit
  • Kárpátok Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA
  • Kodály Ensemble, Toronto, Ontario
  • Magyar Dancers, Toledo, OH
  • Magyar Folkdancers, McKeesport, PA
  • Pirkadat, San Diego, CA
  • Rábai Ensemble, Chicago, IL
  • Szittya Dancers, St. Catherines, Ontario
  • Tisza Ensemble, Washington DC

International Performing Ensembles Presenting Hungarian Folk Dance:

  • Buffalo Hungarian Dancers, Buffalo, NY
  • Mackinaw Ensemble, Drummondville, Quebec
  • Aman Folk Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA
  • Tamburitzans of Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Komenka, New Orleans, LA

Folk Music Ensembles:

  • Cifra Ensemble, Edonton, Alberta
  • Életfa Ensemble, New York, NY
  • Fekete Föld, Toronto, Ontario
  • Forrás Band, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Gyanta zenekar, Toronto, Ontario
  • Jómóka Band, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Kecskeszem Ensemble, Toronto, Ontario
  • Kővirág Ensemble, San Francisco, CA
  • Malac Banda, New York, NY
  • Rokka Ensemble, Calgary, Alberta
  • Szászka Band, Madison, WI
  • Szikra Zither Ensemble, Detroit, MI
  • Transylvania Band, San Francisco, CA
  • Vadkelet Ensemble, Toronto, Ontario

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